Black Liberation ≠ White Supremacy

This past weekend was the Super Bowl and while I am not a huge football fan, I enjoy watching the game, the commercials and the halftime performance. This year’s halftime show was the best part of the multi-hour experience (in my humble opinion). However, not everyone loved the performance as much as I did. No, not just because Coldplay was less dynamic than Beyonce and Bruno Mars. People got upset about what Beyonce and her dancers wore during the performance. Continue reading “Black Liberation ≠ White Supremacy”

May I join the dialogue?

Hello blog universe! My name is Scott – first time blogger, long-time reader. I’m a little nervous… this is my first time blogging. However, I came here because I felt like this was a space to be in community with others who want to dialogue about social justice issues that matter. I’m glad to be here.

Continue reading “May I join the dialogue?”